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Unisex fragrance that embodies the guide of Bison. For Deep Gratitude, Abundance, and Love of Life - Apply liberally to pulse points, chest, hands, and feet to invoke the powers of this animal guide. Each oil is created with powerful plant wisdom & clear intentions. Choose the ones that resonate with you & feel the fragrances' intuitive guidance. SCENT PROFILE Leathery round tones of Tobacco, Myrrh & Desert Flowers QUALITY Our oils are high-grade/ high-vibrational tools for healing, transformation, and connection that support the vitality of the Earth through sustainable eco projects and conscious agriculture. INGREDIENTS Containing only organic and wild-foraged oils. Tobacco, White Sage, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Ginger, Vetiver, Spikenard in a base of organic jojoba. TESTERS 1 complementary tester included when ordering 8 or more individual units of any SKU. Additional testers are available for purchase with Faire orders, or by emailing

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  • Brand: Rootfoot

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