Long Handle Back & Body Shower Scrub Brush



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Pete & Pedro’s Long Handle Back & Body Shower Scrub Brush is the perfect tool to get a full body scrub and reach those hard-to-reach spots in the shower! The long handle brush makes cleaning your back (sayonara back acne - bacne) and feet especially a total breeze. The shower tool is equipped with two sides: one with longer, softer bristles for a gentle clean -and- a second side with short, stubby bristles for incredible exfoliation power while also providing an amazing soft tissue massage. Struggling with Bacne - well, get in line. Sure, we'd just love to pop those pimples on our backs, but as you know, they're basically impossible to reach. Our backs sweat so much, and it is so difficult to clean ourselves there. But the 15-inch-long handle brush makes cleaning and scrubbing the back an easy chore. The long handle back and body scrub brush are made of top-quality silicone that's not only easy to clean but also designed for an amazingly gentle yet deep clean. The round hole handle

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