Palo Santo Integrative Body Oil



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SUMMARY Created with utmost respect for our bodies and the earth, this potent oil contains the supreme essence of Palo Santo tree, sustainably harvested in Ecuador, with soft undertones of floral and citrus. Warm Palo Santo wood with notes of citrus and floral to commune with this holy tree and use for daily self-massage - enhancing skin’s moisture and glow, circulation, muscle tone, organ function, digestion, and overall relaxation, harmonization and integration. APPLICATION After bathing - when skin is most receptive - or whenever desired, rub in palms & massage oil generously and attentively on the body. Start at hands and feet and gradually move toward core. Use long strokes toward heart center for limbs and neck & circular stokes for joints. AROMA Woody, citrus, mint and soft spice floral nuances QUALITY Our oils are high-grade/ high-vibrational tools for healing, transformation TESTERS 1 complementary tester included when ordering 8 or more individual units of any SKU.

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  • Brand: Rootfoot

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