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Made with mid-life women in mind, the vFit Gold® Device is an Ob-Gyn designed, intimate health device that helps promotes a stronger pelvic floor and more control thanks to the vFit’s red-light benefits.

In just a few sessions a week, you can experience more natural lubrication, increased sensation, and a feeling of tightness—all from the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Why did I decide to stock the vFit Gold® in my aesthetic studio?

It’s the perfect extension of what I know about photobiomodulation for the face and body.

Because I notice the results of LED and the relaxation it provides, it made sense that internal skin tissue would benefit the same. With my experience, knowledge and robust use of LED, I looked into this device for myself. It simply made sense. I quickly realized that my aesthetician practice is the perfect place to introduce more ways to use photobiomodulation therapy to enhance tone, sensitivity, and comfort.

The vFit Gold® site says:

“Intimate wellness is an important factor in women’s physical, emotional and social well-being. I am proud to offer vFit Gold® — a revolutionary solution that improves intimate wellness, confidence, and quality of life”

This is the same for skin care. As an aesthetician, I participate in a client’s physical, emotional and social well-being; improving skin wellness, confidence and quality of life.

vFit Gold® is the world’s first and only personal wellness, at home use device, using patented red-light (LED) technology that’s been scientifically validated to deliver impressive results in a few short weeks.

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